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Custom Programming

Original initiatives are difficult and often contain risk, especially when the use of technology is integral to the project's success. Although operations and details are often defined prior to programming, having a technology partner that understands your unique marketing, medical, legal and regulatory challenges as well as what will be utilized and accepted by stakeholders can greatly enhance the likelihood of success.

Blue Grotto Technologies understands the restrictions, integration, deployment, training, support and maintenance of technology within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology arena and can offer insights built on years of experience into the pros and cons of varying technologies, methods and techniques.

Blue Grotto Custom Programming Offers You

  • Freedom to innovate
  • Freedom to differentiate yourself
  • Ability to pursue innovative and unique initiatives
  • Possibility to improve upon current practices
  • Ability to differentiate yourself from the competition

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  • Blue Grotto is skilled at custom programming "complex" operations, such as modeling, scheduling, authorization tracking, etc.

  • We integrate web, desktop, and mobile technology. The shown application is a challenge game used during a presentation. (Which can continue after the lecture)

  • Clients with specific services use us to help them provide technology. (Influence map shown)

Blue Grotto Provides

Unique Experience and Expertise

Blue Grotto Technologies has worked in many areas of the pharmaceutical industry in communications, education, and information and know many of the tactics employed. We've guided projects through regulatory and most important, we understand that our deliverables must work flawlessly.

We Know Technology

Blue Grotto Technologies staff is well schooled in the latest programming languages, including:

  • .NET, C#, C+, Ajax, jQuery, CSS, PHP, Flash / Actionscript, SQL
  • Mobile technology
  • Learning platforms including Moodle
  • Adaptive learning
We Integrate Technology

Creating multi-tier programs that must coordinate the activities on a website, a desktop, and a phone are no problem for us. We also frequently work to the standards and interfacing of other vendor's technology. Additionally, Blue Grotto Technologies has the ability and experience of integrating existing technology into your new program.