Blue Grotto Technologies, Inc. - About Us

About Blue Grotto Technologies, Inc.

Blue Grotto Technologies began nearly 20 years ago as a technology company that provided exhibit booth kiosks, message systems and onsite support to pharmaceutical companies at medical conferences. From there, Blue Grotto has grown into leading supplier of innovative technology that enhances the development, delivery and understanding of information and education.

Today, Blue Grotto Technologies provides a wide variety of work flow, communications, management, analytical and custom technologies to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, their advertising, medical education, and other service agencies as well as providers of accredited education.

Started and managed by professionals with strong engineering and technical skills, the Blue Grotto formula for success has always been to first understand the business goals of our client, the processes and rules that constrain them, the medical, scientific and marketing strategies behind them, and most important - what is practical. As a result of this approach and constant effort we have developed a great deal of expertise and core services that has been proven to provide solutions and generate client satisfaction. Our experience within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries enables us to clearly understand the requirements of all stakeholders.

Blue Grotto Technologies and its founders are known for their innovations, from the development of one of the first "weblogs" on the internet in 1998, to some of their latest technology to enhance learning through intelligent tutoring systems. In addition to serving as technology reviewers for the European Union, we have received several patents for our innovations.

We think of ourselves as more than just a technology company, we are a part of your team.