Registration & Attendance

On-Line Registration

  • Capri offers online registration for events
    • Generates a URL-encoded link to a web-form
    • Can be embedded in a website containing all required event information
  • Allow registrants to update their information during registration process
  • Can interact with third party database or master list during registration process
  • Can assign status to registrants (accepted, wait listed, etc.)
  • Manage communications with registrants when meetings may be pending, canceled or change in their status

On-Site Registration

  • Registration and attendance recorded onsite via PC-browser or iPad app
  • Collect signatures using an iPad
  • Instant NPI and state license information lookup
  • Implement business rules (i.e. attendee licensed in VT, MN)
  • Includes government (NPPES) NPI database
    • Use third party database or master list for on-site lookup
  • Indicate if attendees "Opt-Out" of a meal

List Reconciliation

  • Match registrants and attendees to a master list for consistent identification
  • Fast NPI number lookup (comes with government/NPPES database)